Compact plug-in distributor 5WG

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The "5WG compact plug-in distributor" for connecting up to 5x IR emitters and occupying a slot on the controller.

The "plug-in distributor 5WG" has 1x plug-in output with GST18i3 plug and 5x plug-in inputs with GST18i3 plug-in couplings.

With the help of «Compact plug-in distributor 5WG» up to 5x IR emitters can be combined to be continued as one unit.

Recommended connecting cables:
• Connection cable T4G, 0.2 m
• Extension cable T6G, 3.0 m

Technical specifications:
- 1 plug-in input 
- 5 sockets 
- Maximum load 16 A
- Operating temperature max. 85°