Infrared panel heating for saunas

Development and quality production in Germany

Sustainable quality production in Germany without electric or magnetic fields

The radiated wavelengths of the artvion® infrared heating panels range between 9.50 µm (30°C surface temperature) and 7.95 µm (90°C), a wavelength range that the human body can absorb excellently.

A maximally balanced efficiency, with touch safety, simple installation and unmistakable connection options.

We laminate the panel heaters to a lightweight, high-density insulating panel, which in turn is covered with a shiny aluminum layer. This enables us to achieve almost 100% forward radiation without energy losses on the wooden wall.

The front of the surface heating consists of a slightly structured, heat-conducting and extremely scratch-resistant, specially developed high-tech plastic panel, which is heat-resistantly glued to the insulating panel on the back.

So far, we have deliberately designed the front of the surface heating in black. Because the longer the wavelength of the radiator, the more important it is to approach the physical ideal of the black body. The longer the emitted wavelength, the darker the emitter will be in order to achieve maximum emission.

A 2.50 m long, silicone-insulated cable with an ST18i system plug is permanently attached to each heating plate, which means that a pluggable, secure connection between several heating surfaces can be established, e.g. under the cabin bench seat.

The special structure of the radiating front of the artvion® surface heating makes it possible to avoid touching the surface, even at a surface temperature of 80C.